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This is the place to post if you want to apply for the Wretched OutKast Clan!
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Returning player App

Post by Chronoss » Mon Apr 10, 2017 12:46 pm

Hi! I am returning player. I started playing back in C2. I have multiple toons, most of them 85+ dual class.

Name of my Main toon: MichiruSenshi

Class: tank/duelist/nuker

Character level: 90/90/65

Average hours per week: it all depends on how busy I get in RL. I just came back to L2 from a few years of non playing. I work from home so I don't have a set schedule like most people. But it also means that I can log in real quick for a clan event :D. I used to play around 30+ hours a week back in the day and I want to do that again. I can play longer on Mondays (its kinda my day off).

Timezone: I live in Florida (U.S.A) but I play at odd hours during the day or early morning. Normally I'll be playing around 12 AM and whenever needed for an event :)

Previous clans I've been: My first clan back in the day was Invalescere, I stopped playing because I was in college and didn't have the money for the monthly subscriptions (I had 3 accounts). Then I joined GalantHorde when I came back. The clan leader (Jarhead) "retired" and sold his account a year after I joined, so I joined GalantHorde's ally, BNK (I think they still have a clan hall in Shuggart).

NA/SA clan hours: It does not conflict with me because I play mainly at night and at odd hours of the day.

Referred by: Elvoana. He/She helped me fix my in-game camera. I had issues with my camera as soon as I first logged in and I was offered an invite to your guild. Unfortunately Elvoana had to go and I my wife and the dogs were distracting me at the time, so I couldn't accept the invite :P

Anything else to tell you:
First: I hate bots (I had a tittle over my head saying bot reporter). I did what I could to get the bots reported to NCSoft and then got them killed by a mob-train lol. Keeping my hands clean and my clan out of trouble.
Second: I don't use bots nor I cheat or steal stuff from other players.
Third: I am an adult, I can be silly most of the time but I know when to behave, when not to start a fight over stupid stuff with other clans and specially, I FOLLOW ORDERS and use common sense when we are in a clan raid or event. Unless we are all having fun and being silly, then I'll do something silly for shit and giggles.
I also have multiple toons 85+ most of them dual class. I have a Healer, Summoner, ISS, a dwarf (shot crafting), an Assassin, a Eviscerator and a Sayha's Seer all of them in separate accounts for easy multi boxing :P. I used to be a good tank. I missed those days so I want to go back to those fun days.

I hope to hear from you guys soon

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