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Posted: Tue Nov 07, 2017 8:17 pm
by 3Bear
My main and only character at the moment is 3Bear

Destroyer Level 52 after 5 days and I really cannot believe how much has changed since I left. A grade was still the highest when RL took over and I was unable to play for a long time.

I plan on playing during the day central time with more time occasionally when I travel.

I am looking for a mature clan that I can participate over the long term with to create and develop other characters as all my experience has been with destroyers... I don’t know if they are what I want to devote everything to but I am open to learning anything that is needed or wanted on the team.

I am expecting to play 15-20 hours week with occasional shots of more time. I can leave my character on until downtime, then as soon as I get back relogin.

No previous clans. No referral, I found you on an l2 forum.

I am not looking for another job, I have two of those and a family but I would like to explore all of L2 and get a little guidance along the way.

Thanks for considering my application,