Coming back home.

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Coming back home.

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Good Day Everyone,

Some of you may know me, some of you may not (but that's ok). My name is Scott (IRL) and Holywind in the game. A 82 Cardinal (with a 58 SK sub) at the present but I'll be working on that. As mentioned previously, for those who do not know me. I used to play as Coldwater on the Dev server a long time ago , where I had a chance to join the Mantis clan and finally met SlyCutter, After Sly left to start his clan I decided to stay with Mantis and ultimately Mantis left Dev and went to Erica. After a stint with Reincarnation and a crappy time with RR, I left the game because I was tired of the in-fighting and the politics. I logged in yesterday and saw WO pop up on the list of clans active on the server. I was happy to see Sly's devotion to his clan and how much the clan has grown.. and I finally felt like I'm home when I rejoined last night.

So,that's it for the history lesson (sorry it was long), but if anyone needs my services for healing or whatever please send me a message here or in-game, I'd like to help anyway that I can.

Looking forward to enjoying the game with everyone.
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